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Monday: Fake Scar Day



Bus Evacuation Drills:

Students may wear makeup, but should not have fluid fake blood.

The drills will take place in the parking lot above the gym. (Students will be called out of class on PA system.)

9:00 am K-4

9:30 am 5-6

10:05 am 7-12


Tuesday: Frostbite Day





Rewards Day

Students should wear blue and white. Since it is rewards day and students will be swimming and attending a movie they should not wear make up or temporary hair color.

Rewards Day: (List of students)

Swimming Party:

Criteria: Elementary (Met class goals) High School: (Semester A or A/B Honor Roll)

Items to bring: Towel, Shampoo, Brush /Comb

Bus will board students at 9:20 am.

Students will swim from 10 – 11:45. Snack provided.

Bus will return at 12:30 and pick up movie party students. If students have earned both rewards they will stay in Raton and have lunch. (List of students attached.)

Movie Party:(List of students)

Criteria: Elementary Semester A/AB, MS/HS QA/QA/B Honor Roll

Students will watch Inside/Out starting at 1 pm.

They will receive a kid’s pack: Popcorn, small pop, and candy.

Bus will return at 3:30 pm.

Ice Cream Party: (List of students)

3:30 – 4:00 (Cafeteria)


Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day




10 – 11am Walk in the PARCC

Afternoon (TBA)

Students will wear crazy hair. It should not prevent them from viewing instruction. Hair color is permitted as long as it is temporary.

Classes that have been notified by Mr. Ward will report to the computer labs to test the system.

Fire Drill


Thursday: Purple and Gold Day

Homecoming Assembly 3-4

Students will dress in purple and gold. Hair color is permitted as long as it is temporary. Make up is also permitted.


Friday: Homecoming Game


Springer 5 pm,- JHG, JHB, VB

Homecoming Royalty will be announced after the game.


Basketball home

Des Moines 5 pm - JHG, JHB, VB

Click to view 2015-16 Basketball Schedule

Click to View 2015-16 School Calendar

New Department of Public Education was launched a redesigned website with valuable resources for educators, families and students. Please visit the new site at www.nmparcc.com. We encourage families to visit the site to get more information on PARCC testing and scores.

Recent News

Spelling Bee
Colfax County Spelling Bee
Congratulations to Orren Floyd, Hadrian, and Kaden Martinez for competing in the Colfax County Spelling Bee. Students participated in the 5th grade competition. Congratulations to Kaden Martinez for placing 2nd place.
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Public Announcement
To: All Patrons, Staff and Faculty and Employees: The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires that all public school buildings be inspected or re-inspected for the presence of asbestos every three (3) years after a management plan is in effect. The same statute also requires initial and annual notification of the availability of a management plan, which outlines the steps to be taken to eliminate the hazard. We here at your school are very willing to comply with this statute because of our great concern for the well being of our students, our staff and our faculty. We have received a management plan, which pinpoints asbestos in the school. The plan is available for public review in the Administrator’s Office during normal business hours. Please know that every effort is being made to make certain that our children are protected from hazards present by this fiber. Kris Forrester, Superintendent
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1st Semester Honor Roll
1st Semester Honor Roll
Congratulations to our students that achieved the Superintendent's Honor Roll and Principals Honor Roll. Keep up the good work. We are proud of you all.
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