Nurses Corner

Nurses Corner

Penny Richards, RN

Hi, I am Penny your new school nurse. I hope everyone is starting off the new year Happy and Healthy.  Below is a short video on managing stress during COVID that I thought was a good reminder.  Remember wear your mask and social distance. 

I look forward to meeting everyone.

Penny Richards 575-375-3003

Managing Stress During COVID-19 - Bing video

Here's a link to a virtual calming room in case you are stressed out, worried, anxious, or just need some relaxation or resources to help you: 

What’s In It Wednesday

Well today we have pink lemons.   When you get your lunch today, you may be surprised at what it looks like.  It resembles a gourd.  Pink Lemons are available sporadically through winter and mid-summer.  They grow on a tree of its own variety.  Younger crops will have green and white stripes on the outside and older crops tend to lose their stripes as the pink flesh intensifies.   On the inside they are a beautiful pale,  pink color and are great for their juices and zest!  Pink Lemons are tangy but sweeter than a yellow lemon.   Try squeezing it in your water!!!

attached is some fun food puzzles….

Activity 1

Activity 2

Have a healthy day.