History- M. Brandenburg

I have been teaching History and English since 1995. I enjoy working with young people and helping them grow in knowledge.

With much chaos in the land today, I believe in instilling in our students a love of our country and an appreciation for its past. History is not clean and sterile. It is the discovery of the actions and reactions of those who came before us, and it allows us to understand both where we came from and how we arrived at this point in time. Above all things, history is not boring! 

If you need to contact me, you may email me at mbrandenburg@maxwellp12.com or telephone me at 575-375-2371 extension 3010. If you leave a voicemail, be sure to leave a contact number as well. 

During distance leanring, I will have office hours Monday-Thursday from 2:30 P.M.- 3:30 P.M.  On Wednesdays, this time is reserved for faculty meetings known as PLCs.

Stay healthy!!!
-Mr. Brandenburg

Micheal Brandenburg